Heaven and Charing Cross - Wild Goose Chase

'Heaven and Charing Cross'

by Aubrey Danvers-Walker

April 1978


The scene is the Normans' living-room and newspaper shop in North London, where we meet the members of  family and endure the conflicts that present themselves as events unfold around a crime and the investigation as to who was to blame.


Lily Norman (Kay Trenchard); Alfred Norman (John Cook); Mrs Burgess (Valerie Harding); Mrs Norman (Lillian Cook); Miss Knaggs (Susan Hobbs); Charlie Norman (John Markley); Bella Wilson (Sue Lansdown); Beatrice Peck (Audrey Mitchell); Victor Peck (Derek Hardwell); Eddie Norman (Ken Channell); Fanny Norman (Julia Hall); Det. Inspector Regan (Ron Workman)

Producer: Len Elliott, assisted By Cherry Hutton


'Wild Goose Chase' 

by Derek Benfield

November/December 1978


Chester Dreadnought bluffs his way into the crumbling stately home of an impecunious aristocratic family, and even a trigger-happy belted Earl suffering from hallucinations cannot keep at bay the enterprising pair of jewel thieves who are pursuing their loot - not to mention Chester - round the castle. Suits of armour and secret doors, mistaken identities and dotty servants all help to provide the variety of fare that goes to the making of this wild goose chase.


Ada (Kay Trenchard); Lord Elrood (David Walford); Patricia (Leah Harding); Lady Elrood (Hilary Cooke); Jenny Stewart (Clare Whiston); Miss Partridge (Audrey Mitchell); Chester Dreadnought (Derek Hardwell); Capone (Ken Channell); Wedgwood (Mike Dean); Hilary Pond (John Markley)


Producer: (Kathie Dowson)