After a year off, caused by the COVID pandemic, The Oldland Players are delighted to perform again at The Bristol One Act Drama Festival, and The Avon One Act Drama Festival, this year with a pair of entries, "The Dreaming" by Richard James and "More Sinned Against Than Sinning" by Liz Dobson

​The Dreaming:

Two men find themselves in a featureless room, with no memory of how they arrived there, or even who they are. Their only clues come from scraps of paper on the floor.


One (Simon Crutchley);Two (Stephen Coles)

Director: Lisa Stapleton

More Sinned Against Than Sinning:

The prisoner, Marianne, spends time in her cell reliving the events leading up to her conviction with her conscience, which takes the form of the three characters Anger, Fear, and Joy..


Marianne (Kit Muffett); Anger (Natalie Brown); Fear (Vikie Meachin) Joy (Abbie Williams)


Director: Lisa Stapleton



The first performances will be at the The Olympus Theatre in Bristol on Friday 11th February as part of the Bristol One Act Drama Festival

The second performances will be at Chipping Sodbury Town Hall on Friday 25th, as part of the Avon Drama One Act Festival.