'Cider With Rosie' 

by Laurie Lee (Adapted by Daniel O'Brien)


June 2011


Laurie Lee's gentle and beautifully touching story recounts the defining moments of his adolescent life, recalling glorious outings, frozen white winters, long hot, hazy summers, tyrannical teachers, erratic family life and of course that first cider-fuelled encounter.


The Lee Family - (Kelvin Buck) Laurie (Natalie Brown) Doth , (Daniel Johnson) Tony, (Andrew Muffett) Jack , (Kit Muffett) Marge, (Louise Parfitt) Phyl .

Company - (Steph Armer) Rosie Burdock, (Mandi Bailey-Turner) Crabby, Village Gossip, Spinster, (Stephen Coles) Soldier, Dancing Man, Fred Bates, Boy #2, Blacksmith, (Christine Cooke) Granny Wallon, Hannah Brown, (Simon Crutchley) Singing Man, Walt Kerry, Alfred Hopkins, Cowman #2, Boy #1, (Joline Dunn) Prologue Girl, Singing Woman, Sloppy Robinson, (Christine Haggar) Granny Trill, Miss Flynn, (Kath Hedger) Clarry Hogg, Village Gossip, Landlady, Maid, Lizzy Berkley, (Gordon James) Sixpence Robinson, Albert Davies, (Chris Marks) Spadge Hopkins, (John Mills) Uncle Ray, Nutman, Boy #3/Vincent, Joseph Brown, Cowman #1, (Ellie Muffett) Sis Robinson, Lily Nelson, Jo and (Robin Turner) Farmer Wells, Squire Jones


Director: Robin Turner

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