100 Club

Another way to support the group indirectly, and gain the opportunity to win money for yourself, is our 100 Club

This is effectively a private society lottery. Each participant is allocated a number and each month a draw is held from the participating numbers. Half of the money taken goes to the society, whilst the other half is awarded as prize, divided proportionately for 1st and 2nd place.

In order to ensure numbers and maintain a degree of consistency, the 100 Club runs as an annual event, with members joining and paying £12 for the year. It is possible to join part way through, on a 'pro rata' basis, but we prefer people to sign up at the beginning of the round, which is generally in August.

Because the winnings are based on the number of participants, the more members, the more potential winnings, and the more money made for the group.

Attached is the link to the forms required to join. Unfortunately, we cannot process these on-line. You will need to print these out, sign them, and return to our treasurer.