Festival Entries

The Oldland Players have a long history of involvement in local and regional competitions, both with specific entries into the All England Theatre Festival for One Act Plays and through the Rosebowl Awards.

The All England Theatre Festival, now in it’s 8th decade, is the only countrywide, competitive festival of One Act drama in England. The 6 month-long competition is organised regionally (Northern, Central, Eastern and Western areas). After a series of preliminary, quarter and semi-final rounds across the country, it culminates in a Grand Final, in which the four ‘Area’ Champions compete for the title of ‘English Champions’.

The Oldland Players generally enter two preliminary rounds from the Western Area (Bristol and Avon), though in the past we have also entered a third preliminary round in Gloucestershire.

Plays that are entered have to be between 25 minutes and 50 minutes long, and are allowed a set up time of 10 minutes and a striking time of 5 minutes. The 100 points for each performance are broken down as follows:

  • 40 points for Acting

  • 35 points for Production

  • 15 points for Stage Presentation

  • 10 points for Dramatic Achievement.


Below are a list of some of the entries and the awards we've won in the One Act Festivals.

If you know of any that are missing, particularly if you have any photos etc please let us know

N.B. The gaps at the top of the table are as a result of the table format, which only allows you to add to the bottom :(

Awards key: * Award; # Nomination