No Time for Figleaves - Pride and Prejudice

'No Time for Figleaves'

by Duncan Greenwood & Robert King

April 1972


The women are running the world. An atomic accident has resulted in the disappearance of all men. All, that is, but two who were protected in an underground shelter. The women keep these potential supermates under close guard but, spurred on by the thought of a whole world of desirable women at their disposal, the men try to escape.


Monica Sharpe (Erica Rendle); Constance Claythorne (Lillian Cook); Dora (Kay Trenchard.); Lydia Parker, M.P. (Sylvia King); Fl.Lt. Nigel Lawler R.A.F. (John Markley); Major Danvers-Bishop W.R.A.C. (Jean Clack); Professor David Moxton (Keith Shearn); Helen Marchbanks W.R.N.S. (Mary Hobbs); Corporal Eve Forster W.R.A.C. (Carol Wilkins)

Director: Ann Murray


'Pride and Prejudice'

by Helen Jerome

(Dramatised from Jane Austen's novel)


November 1972


Mrs. Bennett is determined to get her daughters married. Jane, Elizabeth, and Lydia are likely-looking girls in a period when a woman's one possible career is matrimony. To be a wife was success. Anything else was failure. Jane and her Mr. Bingley and Lydia with her Mr. Wickham are quite content with things as they are, but not Elizabeth! She actually refuses to marry Mr. Collins, whom she openly deplores, and Mr. Darcy, whom she secretly adores.

This play is the story of the duel between Elizabeth and her pride, and Darcy and his prejudice. Each gives in before the evening is over and pride and prejudice meet halfway.


Mr. Bennet (Ray Barrett); Mrs. Bennnet (Rose Maclachlan); Lady Lucas (Audrey Mitchell); Charlotte Lucas (Sue Jacques); Elizabeth Bennet (Kay Trenchard); Jane Bennet (Carolyn Wilkins); Lydia Bennet (Kathy Glynn); Mr. Darcy (Roger Kinsman); Mr. Bingley (Peter Adams); Mr. Collins (John Cook); Mr. Wickham (Peter Lansdown); Miss Bingley (Judith Laycock); Lady Catherine De Bourgh (Jill Kinsman); Col. The Hon. Guy Fitzwilliam (Dave Phillips); Mrs. Gardiner (Audrey Mitchell); Hill, The Bennet Maid (Jeannette Selman); Maggie (Joy Davis); Amanda (Joy Davis); Capt. Denny (John Markley); Gentleman (John Markley)

Director: Ann Murray