Shock Tactics - Mystery at Blackwater

'Shock Tactics'

by John Dole

April 1982


Fred is a very vocal home-built computer whose comments almost ruin his owner’s love affair. He does have his uses though as he can predict the weather with complete accuracy. When the Weather Office hears of his talent, they send a spy to infiltrate the Shaw household.


Mrs Trudge (Audrey Mitchell); Peter Puller (John Markley); Fred (Steve Jenkins); Aunt Esther (Kay Trenchard); Mary Shaw (Paulette Viney); George Shaw (Dave Walford); Marjorie Shaw (Lillian Cook); Albert Shorter (Derek Hardwell); Poppy Blossom (Sue Lansdown); Uncle Ben (Tim Spurgeon); Taxi Man (Bill Wiles)


Producer: Ray Barrett


'Mystery at Blackwater' 

by Dan Sutherland


December 1982


The play is based on the novel The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins. Walter Hartright, a young art teacher, is walking from Hampstead to London. He meets a mysterious woman dressed in white, apparently in deep distress. He helps her on her way to London but later learns that she has escaped from an asylum…


Walter Hartright (Tim Gibbs); Anne Catherick (Helen Hobbs); The Doctor (Ron Thomas); Marian Halcombe (Mary Mason); Mrs Michelson (Lillian Cook); Alice (Selena Whitchurch); Laura Glyde (Susan Farmer); Sir Percival Glyde (Mike Dean); Count Fosco (Derek Hardwell); Madame Fosco (Jill Bishop); Mrs Catherick (Audrey Mitchell)

Director: Kay Trenchard