The Paper Chain - Ladies of Spirit - Husbands Supplied

'The Paper Chain' 

by Falkland L Cary and Ivan Butler

April 1984


Maurice Spencer, a civil servant, is engaged in secret atomic work. He has got himself into debt and he asks his cousin, Jean to help him. She agrees providing he supply her with details of his secret work. When he realises what he has done - Maurice tells Jean that he is going to resign and confess his treachery. She agrees that he should and leaves - only to return secretly and shoot him.


Anne Roberts (Jill Bishop); Jean Cassel (Mary Mason); Mrs Hackett (Audrey Mitchell); Jack Harvey (Ron Thomas); Mrs Dennison (Paulette Markley); Maurice Spencer (David Walford); Doris Lamont (Lillian Cook); Robert Needham (John Markley); Ruby (Kay Trenchard)

Director: Kathy Dowson


'Ladies of Spirit' 

 by Georgina Reid


November 1984


Gibraltar School was founded as a school for young ladies by the two dear old Misses Pye, now deceased.  The long-suffering teachers now have their lives made miserable not only by their pupils but also by the present headmistress, Miss Rowe, known universally as "Hard Rowe".  Since Gibraltar is a private school, they resign themselves to the fact that there is little they can do about it, but they find help coming from a very unexpected quarter indeed.


Sally Burgess (Jacqui Ford); Jane Cox (Selena Whitchurch); Mrs Thorpe (Janice Howes); May Danvers (Pauline Graves); Miss Maudsley (Joy Davis); Miss Rowe (Gwyneth Dean); Mrs Emmett (Kim James); Miss Harriett Pye (Mary Mason); Miss Matilda Pye (Kay Trenchard)


Director: Paulette Markley


'Husbands Supplied'

by Falkland L Cary

December 1984


Five women are at the marriage bureau "Husbands Supplied" all looking for a husband. a dashing young man comes in and immediately the five women and the bureau's owner and her secretary make a play for him. But it turns out that he is already married to one of the seven women.


Miss May (Noreen Case); Miss Jones (Jill Lawford); Mrs Wuff (Angela Always); Mrs Bee (Alison Cloran); Miss Waff (Margaret Maggs); Miss Crunch (Gerry Wilkins); Old Lady (Katrina Gregory); Paper Girl (Debbie Jones); Man (Mark Gregory)

Producer: Audrey Mitchell