A Murder is Announced - Blithe Spirit

'A Murder is Announced'

by Agatha Christie


June 2007


"A Murder is announced tonight at 8 o'clock at the home of Letitia Blacklock" reports the Chipping Cleghorn  Gazette. This mysterious newspaper advert sparks the curiosity of the residents of Chipping Cleghorn, a village full of secrets. As all the residents gather in Miss Blacklock's drawing room, the clock strikes and the guests are plunged into darkness. A murder takes place. With good fortune Miss Marple is as always on hand to dig deep into the village's secrets and the residents' pasts.


Miss Marple (Gill Lewisohn); Edmund Swettenham (Henry Wells); Sadie Swettenham (Alice Cleaveland); Phillipa Haymes (Gayle Cairns); Letitia Blacklock (Kit Johnson); Dora Bunner (Christine Cooke); Patrick Simmons (Andrew Muffett); Julia Simmons (Kathryn Walker); Mitzi Kosinski (Lisa Stapleton); Rudi Schertz (Gordon James); D.I. Dermot Craddock (John Mills); D.S. Fletcher (Paul Dyson)


Director: Gordon James


'Blithe Spirit' 

by Noel Coward


November 2007


Charles Condomine, an author whose first wife Elvira has been dead for seven years, has been reasonably happy with his second wife Ruth. To collect material for his new book, he invites Madame Arcarti, a local medium, to conduct a séance at their home. Unfortunately, Elvira returns from death and promptly proceeds to make life exceedingly uncomfortable for Charles and Ruth


Charles Condomine (Andrew Muffett); Ruth Condomine (Lisa Stapleton); Elvira Condomine (Kit Johnson); Madame Arcati (Christine Apsey); Dr. George Bradman (Huw Williams); Violet Bradman (Kathryn Walker); Edith (Karen Chartis)


Director: Sarah Edwards