'A Colourful Affair' 

'Between Mouthfuls' by Alan Ayckbourn & 'The Spectrum Six' by T. J. O'Ruairc - Presented as a Double Bill


November 2014

"Between Mouthfuls" is one element of Alan Ayckbourn's comedy collection "Confusions". We find two couples at separate tables in a restaurant. As matters progress they realise an unwelcome common bond, assisted by an interactive waitress.  As she hovers between the tables we hear only the snatches of conversation that she hears.



Waitress (Kit Muffett), Mr Pearce (John Mills), Martin (Simon Crutchley), Polly - (Louise Parfrey) and Mrs Pearce (Sarah Edwards)


Director: Kelvin Buck

"The Spectrum Six" by T.J. O'Ruairc. The colours of the rainbow have been summoned to court to give account of their positive work in the Human World. If they cannot do so, they face death by bleaching.


Grey (John Mills), White (Sarah Edwards), Black (Simon Crutchley), Orange (Kathryn Dyer),Purple (Louise Parfrey), Green (Kit Muffett), Yellow (Kelvin Buck), Blue (Lisa Stapleton), Red (Natalie Brown) and Brown (Gordon James)


Director: Kit Muffett