'Holmes Sweet Holmes' & 'Jekyll in Hiding'

  by Jim Sperinck


June 2013


"Holmes Sweet Holmes" and "Jekyll in Hiding" are two linked one act plays by Jim Sperinck.

"Holmes Sweet Holmes" is set in Flat 221 Baker Street  the apartment below that resided in by the great detective. Meet the bewildered Bennington-Smythes as they deal with the fallout from one of his cases.


Major Henry Bennington-Smythe (Simon Crutchley); Mrs Dora Bennington-Smythe (Lisa Stapleton); Mrs Hudson (Natalie Brown); Miss X (Kathryn Dyer); Inspector Lestrade (Gordon James) and Man (Andrew Muffett)


Director: Sarah Edwards?

In "Jekyll in Hiding" we follow the bewildered Bennington-Smythes as they escape from Baker Street  The couple answer an ad for a flat in a quieter part of London. But will they find the peace they are seeking in the house of Dr. Jekyll?


Mrs Poole (Sarah Edwards); Mr Poole (John Mills); Delivery boy?/Monkey (Louise Parfrey); Gorilla/Young Man (Kelvin Buck); Inspector Lestrade (Gordon James); Major Henry Bennington-Smythe (Simon Crutchley) and Mrs Dora Bennington-Smythe (Lisa Stapleton)


Director: Sarah Edwards?

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