'Relative Values' 

  by Sir Noel Coward


June 2014


An upstairs–downstairs satire of the complexities of snobbery and reverse snobbery, it deals with the clash of cultures between Hollywood stars and the English aristocracy, and, as expressed by Cresswell the butler, "the ancient and inaccurate assumption that, as we are equal in the eyes of God, we should be equal in the eyes of our fellow creatures”.


Crestwell (Simon Crutchley), Alice (Hannah Johnson), Mrs Moxton (Moxie) (Natalie Brown), Felicity, Countess of Marchwood (Lisa Stapleton), Lady Hayling (Gill Lewisohn), Admiral Sir John Hayling (Gordon James), The Hon Peter Ingleton (Steve Coles), The Earl of Marshwood (Nigel) (Kelvin Buck), Miranda Frayle (Kit Muffett), Don Lucas (Vee Sharma)


Director: Daniel Johnson

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