Watch It, Sailor

'Watch It, Sailor'

by Philip King & Falkland L Cary

November 1967


A family wedding-day should be a time for celebration, but not in the Hornett household. The bride has already been left waiting at the altar once that morning and the sailor bridegroom is about to receive a telegram that will change everything. But all this is nothing compared to the fury about to be unleashed by mother-of-the bride Emma. Will the wedding run aground yet again or will the course of true love run smooth?


Shirley Hornett (Paulette Beaver); Albert Tufnell A.B. (Peter Adams); Daphne Pink (Sylvia King); Carnoustie Bligh A.B. (Simon Lambert); Henry Hornett (John Cook); Edie Hornett (Mary Hobbs); Emma Hornett (Alice Ann Barker); Mrs Lack (Pauline Harris); Lieut-Commander Hardcastle R.N. (Paul Hawkins)

Director: Connie Williams