Watch It, Sailor

'Watch It, Sailor'

by Philip King & Falkland L Cary

November 1967


A family wedding-day should be a time for celebration, but not in the Hornett household. The bride has already been left waiting at the altar once that morning and the sailor bridegroom is about to receive a telegram that will change everything. But all this is nothing compared to the fury about to be unleashed by mother-of-the bride Emma. Will the wedding run aground yet again or will the course of true love run smooth?


Watch It Sailor

Watch It Sailor

Watch It Sailor

Watch It Sailor

Shirley Hornett (Paulette Beaver); Albert Tufnell A.B. (Peter Adams); Daphne Pink (Sylvia King); Carnoustie Bligh A.B. (Simon Lambert); Henry Hornett (John Cook); Edie Hornett (Mary Hobbs); Emma Hornett (Alice Ann Barker); Mrs Lack (Pauline Harris); Lieut-Commander Hardcastle R.N. (Paul Hawkins)

Director: Connie Williams