Suspect - Big Bad Mouse


by Edward Percy & Reginald Denham

April 1979


The enigmatic Mrs. Smith, living in a remote part of England with her housekeeper, finds herself once again subjected to suspicion in connection with a murder case in which she was tried years before, and from which she was discharged, the verdict being "not proven." All would have been well if her son had not fallen in love with the daughter of a newspaper man who in his youth had covered the trial, and now suspects Mrs. Smith.

The play becomes a battle between Mrs. Smith and her housekeeper, on the one hand, and those, on the other, who are determined to see in Mrs. Smith the accused murderess. But just as Mrs. Smith faces what seems like defeat, she courageously—fighting for her son's happiness—turns the tables on her opponents, persuades her oppressors that the marriage should take place, and eventually justifies herself.


Mrs. Smith (Hilary Cooke); Goudie Macintyre (Paulette Beaver); Dr. Rendle (Derek Hardwell); Janet Rendle (Sue Lansdown); Robert Smith (John Markley); Rev. Alfred Combebmere (Ron Workman); Lady Const (Lillian Cook); Sir Hugo Const (David Walford)


Producer: Kay Trenchard


'Big Bad Mouse' 

by Philip King and Falkland Cary
From an idea by Ivan Butler


December 1979


In the Orders Office of Chunkbix Ltd., it is decidedly Mr. Price Hargraves who gives the orders and little Mr. Bloome who obeys them - until Mr. Bloome is astonishingly accused of chasing a young female across the Common. To his and Mr. Price Hargraves' amazement this reprehensible conduct makes him the hero of every woman and girl in the office, even Price Hargraves' hitherto devoted secretary and the formidable chairman, Lady Chesapeake.

So glorious is Bloome's transformation that when the young person in question discovers she has made a mistake in her identification, Bloome is the reverse of pleased and determines to keep her quiet.


Fiona Jones (Julia Hall); Harold Hopkins (Derek Hardwell); Miss Spencer (Paulette Beaver); Mr Price-Hargraves (John Markley); Mr Bloome (John Cook); Lady Chesapeake (Lillian Cook); Doris Povey (Clare Whiston)

Producer:  Pauline Pincott