Strike Happy - The Camel's Back

'Strike Happy' 

by Duncan Greenwood

April 1983


A comedy of errors centring around the home of union member Albert Hellewell, whose wife declares strike action herself and moves out, leaving Albert to cope with the arrival of glamorous variety actress Mrs Flannel and her daughter, who get rather too comfortable in the Hellewell home.


Clara Hellewell (Mary Mason); Elsie Hellewell (Sue Farmer); Albert Hellewell (Dave Walford); George Seegar (Ron Thomas); Benjamin Tapeworth (John Markley); Mrs Flannel (Aurdrey Mitchell); Rosie Flannel (Jill Bishop); Yvonne (Hayley Reeson); Estelle (Helen Hobbs)


Director: Paulette Viney


Mr Hanacott has recently passed on.  His will aims to secure the future of his family and ensure his farm is managed efficiently.  To this end he insists that his sister, Prudence, should bring her business acumen to the farm.  However, running a farm is rather different from running a successful draper’s shop and her methods are not always welcomed by the family, the farm staff or the villagers.  A production of an amateur play leads to problems on the farm – including some sexual frissons.  But how to get rid of her?  Well – that’s the question!


'The Camel's Back' 

 by Arnold Helsby


December 1983


Prudence Hannacott (Mary Mason); Tilda Hannacott (Lillian Cook); Faith Hannacott (Sue Farmer); Robert Sladen (Ron Thomas); Ned Ruddle (Mike Dean); Miss Loveday (Joy Davis); Mrs Middleton-Jones (Anna Jones); Samuel Meacock (Tim Gibbs); Cicely (Hayley Reeson)

Director: Derek Hardwell