Duet for Two Hands - Panic Stations

'Duet for Two Hands ' 

 by Mary Hayley Bell


April 1986


A classic thriller about a pioneering surgeon and the sinister results of his work when he replaces the mangled hands of a poet with the hands of a convicted murderer, whose personality seems to take over the poet


Abigail Sarclet (Jacqui Ford); Herda Sarclet (Mary Mason); Fletty (Jill Lawford); Edward Sarclet (Dave Walford); Stephen Cass (John Markley)


Director: Kay Trenchard

'Panic Stations' 

 by Derek Benfield


November 1986


Chester Dreadnought has bought a lovely country cottage, dreaming of idyllic peace, but is he able to enjoy it? Not with Abel Bounty, the local unhandyman, always around, and not with Carol, an attractive girl who seems to have mysteriously moved in.…



Abel Bounty (David Walford); Chester Dreadnought (Mark Gregory);Carol (Jill Bishop); Patricia (Gerry Wilkins); Lady Elrood (Mary Mason); Miss Partiridge (Audrey Mitchell); Lord Elrood (John Markley);  Sergeant Everest (Mark J Gregory); Mrs Bounty (Kay Trenchard)


Producer: Paulette Markley