by Richard Harris


February 1987


The story of a Finnish au pair and her travails with the English suitor of the previous au pair and an Italian visitor. If it were not for the thoughtfulness of the author who has kindly translated the dialogue of two of the characters into English, the audience would be as confused as the actors, who play a Finn, an Italian and an Englishman - none of whom speak a word of the other's languages. Let the confusion commence....


Karin (Jill Bishop); Nito (Dave Walford); Albert (Mark Gregory)

Producer: Kay Trenchard

This One Act play was entered into several of the local festivals and came away with prizes including Best Comedy at the Redditch One Act Festival


'Old Time Music Hall' 


 May 1987


The Oldland Players marked their 40th production with an Old Time Music Hall evening complete with a loquacious master of ceremonies, singalongs, dancing girls and dramatic sketches.


Rachel Hopkins, Joy Davis, Jill Bishop, Janice Howes, Jill Lawford, Jacqui Ford, Mary Mason, Gerry Wilkins, Karen Faulks, Dave Walford & Mark J Gregory

Producer: Kathy Dowson


'The Murder Room' 

 by Jack Sharkey


November 1987


Two days after their wedding Edgar discovers that Mavis - a nasty piece of work - is being unfaithful. After her first attempt to kill him by poisoning his cocoa fails when the cat dies instead, Mavis resorts to shooting him and then returning to her lover. Chaos and complications reign when it transpires that the shots were blanks and that Edgar's body has vanished ...


Edgar Hollister {A Member of the Landed Gentry}; Mavis Templeton HoIlister {His very recent bride}; Mrs. Lottie Molloy {Their housekeeper}; James Crandall {An Inspector of police}; Abel Howard {A Police Constable}; Susan Hollister {Edgar's Daughter}; Barry Draper {Susan’s American Fiancé}

Played by:

Jill Bishop; Mark Gregory; Rachel Hopkins; Annette Lewis; Jim McLaughlin & Dave Walford

Producer: Paulette Markley

'No Man's Land' 



December 1987



Set on a coral island, in the present day, the play follows the fortunes of a group of strangers


Mrs Emerson (Gerry Wilkins); Miss Teal (Kim Wentworth); Judy Elliot (Elspeth Burden); Fred Sharp (Chris Wills); Miss Forster (Lesley Wyrill); Mrs Brassey (Kit Johnson); Ivy (Vanessa Brett) & Marushka (Alison Madge)

Producer - Janice Howes