Sticks and Stones- Look Who's Talking - Pack of Lies

'Sticks and Stones' 

 by David Walford


February 1991


Set in a Living Room and an office, a schoolteacher is accused of molesting a child.


Jeff (John Mills); Carol (Jill Lawford); Mr Rowlands (Jim McLaughlin); Mrs Groves (Kim Wentworth)

Director: David Walford

This play was entered into several of the local festivals and came away with prizes including Best Actor and Best Original Play at Stroud.


'Look Who's Talking'

by Derek Benfield

April 1991


When two unexpected guests, Jane and Brian, drop in on Sheila and Andrew, a devoted middle-age couple, what ensues is a complicated and hilarious series of misunderstandings and mistaken identities as Sheila and Andrew begin to weave an elaborate web of lies and half-truths to hide their own possible infidelities.


Sheila (Mary Mason); Brian (Jim McLaughlin); Andrew (Dave Walford); Carole (Jill Bishop); Jane (Janice Howes)

Director: Mark Gregory


'Pack of Lies' 

 by Hugh Whitemore

November 1991


In 1961 Peter and Helen Kroger, two Americans living in a London suburb are convicted of spying for the Russians and sentenced to twenty years imprisonment. From these true facts Hugh Whitemore with the help of Gay Search who the character of Julie is based on, has written this powerful moving fictional account of the events leading up to the arrest of Peter and Helen.


Bob Jackson (John Mills); Barbara Jackson (Mary Mason); Julie Jackson (Jill Gregory); Helen Kroger (Jill Lawford); Peter Kroger (Mark Jenkins); Stewart (Jim McLaughlin); Thelma (Lesley Wyrill); Sally (June Berrie)


Director: David Walford