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'Murder Behind the Mask' 

by Adrian Dale


February 2003


Gala Night - Sauce for the Goose

Gala Night

A gala night was held in February at which three One-act plays were presented, two by the Oldland adults and one by the youth group.

'Deadline Dawn' 

by Anthony Booth


February 2003



The local Women's Guild has met for a demonstration of flower arranging. When the demonstrator is delayed members of the drama group fill in by improvising a melodrama. They are prompted to do this because they have just been given a hamper which holds all the masks, cloaks and properties they need. With faces concealed by masks their melodrama suddenly turns to real life drama as one of them is fatally stabbed. Behind which mask was the killer hidden?


Agnes (Alice Cleveland); Sara (Jill Lawford); Poppy (Helen Whitson); Jackie (Gill Lewisohn); Mary (Kirsty Lovell); Ruth (Jo Lawford); Winnie (Christine Cooke)

Director: Jill Lawford

Two Israeli terrorists are holding the Ambassador's daughter hostage. They want to exchange her for one of their top men. A priest enters the scene to offer himself in exchange.


Leila (Kit Johnson); Tariq ( Dave Fardon); Naomi (Lisa Gaylard); Luis (Kevin Kirwan)

Director: Christine Cooke

The adjudication for this show, as well as those for many others, is available in the members’ section of the site

'Round the World with Class 6' 

by Nick Warburton


February 2003




Class 6 are well-behaved, hard-working ... and bored. Every day is much the same and then Mr Parker, the supply teacher, sets them an interesting project: to re-enact Sir Francis Drake's circumnavigation of the world in 1577. Within minutes the room is transformed into an Elizabethan sailing ship and the brave adventurers set sail!

Child 1 (Clare Godfrey); Child 2 (Emma James); Child 3 (Hannah Johnson); Child 4 (Alex Bush); Child 5 (Danny Johnson); Child 6 (Natalie Jenkins); Child 7 (Jess Carey); Child 8 (George Pillinger); Child 9 (Katie Bilner); Child 10 (Indya Gallagher); Child 11 (Laura Atkinson); Child 12 (Leah Pepworth); Child 13 (Nick Moxham); Child 14 (Tom Mansfield); Child 15 (Sophie Edbrooke); Child 16 (Nick Reed); Small Child (Sophie Jenkins)

Director: Kit Johnson

'Sauce for the Goose' 

by Georges Feydeau

(Translated by Kenneth McLeish)


October 2003



Lucienne is being pursued by the married Pontagnac, who is astounded to discover that she is already married to his friend Vatelin, and also has an admirer called Redillon. Lucienne has sworn to be faithful as long as her husband remains so too. But then a keen old ‘indiscretion’ of her husband’s unexpectedly arrives, with her own husband, from Germany. Everyone ends up in the Hotel Ultimus, where the guests include an old army doctor and his deaf wife, in Paris to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Mayhem ensues.


Lucienne Vatelin (Lisa Gaylard);  Vatelin {her husband} (Kevin Kirwan);  Pontagnac (Phil Kingsley - Jones);  Clotilde {his wife} (Alice Cleveland);  Redillon (David Fardon);  Brunnhilde {from Hamburg} (Jill Lawford);  Soldignac {her husband} (Huw Williams);  Jean {Vatelin’s Manservant} (Joel Lintern (original cast Helen Whitsun));  Armandine {a lady of the night} (Kit Johnson);  Victor {a bell boy at the Hotel} (Hannah Johnson);  The Manageress of the Hotel Ultimus (Kay Trenchard (original cast Gill Lewisohn));  Clara {a maid at the Hotel} (Sarah Edwards);  Doctor Pinchard {an elderly army doctor} (John Mills);  Madam Pinchard {his wife} (Gill Lewisohn (original cast Helen Whitsun));  Police Inspector (Ralph Tilton);  Gerome {Redillon’s servant} (Christine Cooke)

Director:  Graham Bradshaw and ??