'And Then There Were None' 

 by Agatha Christie


June 2015


One of Agatha Chrisitie's most famous mysteries sees a group of strangers arrive on a remote island. One by one they are killed off, each according to a rhyme over the fireplace.


Who is the killer and who can you trust?


Edith Rogers  (Hannah Johnson), Mrs. Rogers  (Kathryn Dyer), Freda Narracott  (Christine Cooke), Vera Claythorne  (Vikie Meachin), Philip Lombard  (Matt Cotton), Anthony Marston  (Daniel Johnson), William Blore  (Steve Coles), General Mackenzie  (Martin Whittaker), Emily Brent  (Gill Lewisohn), Sir Lawrence Wargrave  (Simon Crutchley), Dr. Armstrong  (Kelvin Buck)


Director: John Mills

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