'Around the World in Eighty Days' 

 by Jules Verne - Adapted by John Hildreth

12th - 15th July 2017


The mysterious and fabulously wealthy Phileas Fogg wagers his life’s fortune that he can circumnavigate the globe in just 80 days. Fogg and his loyal valet, Passepartout, voyage from the exclusive clubs of Victorian London to the exotic subcontinent and the Wild West in a race against the clock. Along the way they meet a wonderful range of characters, some friendly, some less so.


Simon Crutchley (Phileas Fogg); Sarah Edwards (Passepartout); Stephen Coles (Inspector Fix); Hannah Johnson (Aouda); Louise Parfrey (Foster, the Butler), (Railway Driver), ('Rangoon' Sailor), ('Tankadere' Sailor), (Political Mob), (Captain Speedy); Ralph Tilton (Ralph Gauthier); Martin Whittaker (Andrew Stewart), (Bombay Priest), (Evil Raja), ('Rangoon' Captain), ('Tankadere' Sailor), (Political Mob), (American Indian), ('Henrietta' Sailor); Gill Lewisohn (Thomas Flanagan), (Fakir), (Hong Kong Broker), (Political Mob), ('Henrietta Engineer'); Vikie Meachin (John Sullivan), (Girl of the Opium Den), ('Carnatic' Purser), (Engine Driver); Natty Brown (Samuel Fallentin), (Girl of the Opium Den), (British Consul - Yokohama), (Fort Kearney Captain); Lisa Stapleton (British Consul - Suez), (Girl of the Opium Den), ('Carnatic' Sailor), ('General Grant' Sailor), (New York Evening Post), (Political Mob), (Railway Conductor), ('Henrietta' Sailor); Kit Muffet (Beggar Woman); Doreen Taylor (Judge Obadiah), (Illustrated London Times), ('General Grant' Captain), (American Indian), ('Mongolia' Crew); Kevin Kirwan (Morning Chronicle), (Suez Merchant), (Hong Kong Clerk), (Political Mob), (Railway Conductor); Joline Dunn (Mudge), (The Standard), (Bombay Priest), (Fakir), (Clerk Oysterpuf), (Girl of the Opium Den), (Chicago Tribune), (Political Mob); Kathryn Walker (The Daily Telegraph), (Bombay Priest), (Fakir), (Girl of the Opium Den), ('Tankadere' Sailor), (Des Moines Register), (Political Mob), (American Indian), ('Henrietta' Sailor); Jill Lawford

('Tankadere' Master), (The Times), (Suez Merchant), ('General Grant' Sailor), (Political Mob), (American Indian), ('Henrietta' Sailor); Vee Sharma ('Mongolia' Captain), (Parsee Guide), ('Rangoon' Quartermaster), ('Tankadere' Sailor), ('Carnatic' Sailor), (San Francisco Examiner), (Political Mob), (American Indian), ('Henrietta' Sailor); Anthea Still ('Mongolia' Boatswain), (Fakir), ('Tankadere' Sailor), (Atlanta Constitution), (Political Mob), ('Henrietta' Sailor); Janet Brown (Suez Merchant), (Girl of the Opium Den), (Political Mob); John Mills (Sir Francis), (Rickshaw Driver), (French Consul - Yokohama), (American Indian), ('Henrietta' Sailor); Andrew Muffett (Colonel Proctor)

Artistic Director: Kit Muffett

Technical Director: Gordon James

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