by Richard Curtis and Ben Elton


January 2016

Blackadder II - Bells


It is Elizabethan England and Edmund is concerned by his feelings toward his new manservant, Bob, and seeks the advice of the local wise woman. But Bob has a great secret....


Mother (Kathryn Trickey), Kate/Bob (Lisa Stapleton), Baldrick (John Mills),  Edmund Blackadder  (Simon Crutchley), Lord Percy (Martin Whittaker),

Lord Melchett (Vee Sharma), Queen Elizabeth I (Vikie Meachin), Nursie (Natalie Brown), Dr Leech (Steve Coles) , Young Crone (Isobel Brown),

Wisewoman (Kathryn Trickey), Lord Flashheart (Steve Coles)


One Act stand-in: Nursie/Young Crone (Kit Muffett)


Director: Kit Muffett


"Bells" was entered into the Bristol One Act Drama Festival, at the Olympus Theatre on the WISE Campus, where we came away with three awards together with a further three nominations.

Jim English Costume Award - The Oldland Players

Best Supporting Actress Winner - Kathryn Trickey

Best Supporting Actor Winner - Stephen Coles


Additional nominations:
Best Actress - Vikie Meachin
Best Supporting Actress - Kit Muffett

Best Set - The Oldland Players

We then went on to the Avon Association of Drama Festival at the Backwell Playhouse, where we had another successful evening returning with two awards and a further nomination.


Best Costume Award - The Oldland Players

Best Supporting Actress Winner - Vikie Meachin


Additional nomination:
Best Actress - Lisa Stapleton


The adjudication for this show, as well as those for many others, is available in the members’ section of the site