'Hello, Is There Any Body There?'

by Ian Hornby


November 2013


All is dull and peaceful at Square Grange. Lady Amelia searches for new ideas for her latest mystery novel whilst Sir Malcolm sleeps off the excesses of another idle day. The hapless Vic Tim arrives and is promptly dispatched by an unknown assailant. 

Everyone tries hard to discover the murderer before he or she strikes again. The first problem, however, is how to get rid of Vic’s body, not just because he is making a mess on the carpet, but because he has to come back in Act 2 to play a policeman!!


Lady Amelia Simpson-Squire (Kit Muffett), Sir Malcolm Squire (Kevin Kirwan), Freddy Lyons (Kelvin Buck), Smalls (John Mills), Mabel (Gill Lewisohn), Vic/DC Fickey (Steve Coles), Detective Inspector Dianne Sides (Natalie Brown), WPC Eve Nunnall (Lisa Stapleton), Miss Marbles (Kathryn Dyer)


Director: Sarah Edwards

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