'Lesser Mortals' 

 by Geoff Saunders

February - April 2018

Performed as part of the One Act Festivals 2018

Four women — all widows — sit in the communal silence of a Quaker Meeting; we hear their thoughts and join with their joys and troubles. Victoria, the most recently widowed, is resigned to never getting answers to her questions.

Wendy has kept her home life secret for years. Tilly’s husband was far from good to her. Elderly Gladys cherishes the memories of her alcoholic beau. Faith, grief, marriage, love and “Quakerly behaviour” are among the themes discussed in this tender and sometimes humorous short drama.


Victoria (Lisa Stapleton); Wendy (Natalie Brown); Gladys (Kit Muffett) and Tilly (Naomi Dunn)

Director: Daniel Johnson

After success at the local level, on Thursday 22nd February 2018, at The Olympus Theatre, Filton

and Friday 9th March 2018, at The Backwell Playhouse, Backwell, we progressed to

The All England Theatre Festival, Western Area Quarter Finals, Wessex Division' at The Olympus Theatre, in Bristol on 7th April.

The first performance was at the The Olympus Theatre in Bristol on Thursday 22nd February as part of the Bristol One Act Drama Festival, where we had a very successful evening.

We came away with prizes for:

  • Best Supporting Actress - Kit Muffett

  • The "Charles Cash Award" for Best Technical Achievement - Andy Trickey and Hannah  Johnson

  • The Audience Choice Award - Oldland Players


We were also nominated for:

  • Best Actress - Lisa Stapleton

  • Best Costume - Daniel Johnson

  • Best Director - Daniel Johnson


We also won 3rd place overall for Best Play, which, because the group who won (Sodbury Youth with 'Bodas de Sangre') were not opting, meant that we gained a place in 'The All England Theatre Festival, Western Area Quarter Finals, Wessex Division' in Bristol on 7th April.

We then moved on to The Backwell Playhouse, Backwell on Friday 9th March, where we had a more mixed evening.


In spite of winning 2nd place overall for Best Play, we only came away with three nominations for:

  • Best Actress - Kit Muffett

  • Best Costume - Daniel Johnson

  • The Adjudicator's Award for our 'creative and inspired' closing scene

In an unexpected turn of events, we were also contacted via our Facebook page by none other than Geoff Saunders, author of the play. He was very pleased to hear that we had chosen to perform it, and also that we had been so successful.

Coming on top of three awards, six other nominations and one second and one third place overall, with progression to the Quarter finals,  this was another very successful festival entry and everyone involved should be very pleased.