Oldland on the radio!

Never let it be said that the Oldland Players don't try new things.

We were recently approached by James Hansom from BBC Radio Bristol with a slightly odd request. As part of the COP 26 events, various of the nation's favourite 'soaps' were doing 'cross-over' episodes, with actors from one turning up in another. To celebrate this, James had the idea of getting a local drama group to recreate some of the most iconic soap scenes, and he chose us to help him out. To cut a long story short, he turned up at one of our rehearsals, we recorded the scripts he'd brought with him, and they were braodcast the following Monday.

If you'd like to hear how we got on, go to https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p0b1h44d for a listen.

but we're still doing the old stuff too, and still winning awards

Our last show 'The Game's Afoot' from November 2019 was entered for the Rose Bowl Awards, and after the 'break' for the pandemic, nominations were announced in October, with the awards evening and presentations being held virtually on 14th November.

I'm delighted to announce that as well as receiving nominations for Stephen Coles - Best Actor and Hannah Johnson - Best Play, Vikie Meachin was awarded Best Supporting Actress.