'The Unknown Soldier and His Wife' 

by Sir Peter Ustinov


June 2012


The Unknown Soldier goes off to die in 2,000 years' worth of battles, before finally deciding not to go to war again. We meet not only the Soldier and His Wife, but also the General who keeps ordering him to go to war and the Priest who attempts to justify it.


The Sergeant (Andrew Muffett); Soldier 35914 (Gill Lewisohn); The General (Gordon James); The Rebel (Hannah Johnson); The Wife (Natalie Brown); The Archbishop (Simon Crutchley); Soldier 14768 (Ellie Muffett); Soldier 71696 (Charlotte Buck);  The Unknown Soldier (Kelvin Buck); Soldier 94343 (Kathryn Hedger); The Enemy Leader (John Mills); The Inventor (Sarah Edwards); The Woman (Steph Armer)


Director: Kit Muffett