The Rising Generation - The Heiress

'The Rising Generation'

by Wyn Weaver and Laura Leycester

April 1970


A couple have returned to this country after three years colonial service in Africa with their teenage son and daughter. The action begins with the impending arrival of the children who eventually decide to throw a party exclusively for their own friends. They urge their parents to leave them to visit their grandmother for a few days. The parents decide to go away and the ensuing period is a chapter of accidents. To crown it all, the cook walks out and they cancel the party without being able to notify their guests. Their knowing butler invents a series of infectious diseases in the household, informing all the guests as they arrive at the door. The parents return home unexpectedly to an overwhelming reception and the tales of woe.


Warwick Entwhistle (John Markley); Winnie Entwhistle (Delcie Brewer); Vane Harpenden (Sarah Angel); Selina Morell (Christine Saunders); Walter Morell (Philip Cousins); George Breese  (Ian Ramsay); Emily Entwhistle (Sue Whatley); Geoffrey Entwhistle (Paul Hawkins); Puddifer {the Entwhistle butler} (Peter Adams); Mrs Doddrell {the cook} (Jean Clack); Felix Andrews (David Parry);  John Morrell (John Cook); Grandmother (Rosemary Phillips)

Director: Ray Barrett (for Ann Murray)


'The Heiress'

by Ruth and August Goetz


November 1970


Compared to her mother, the heiress Catherine Sloper seems dull and lifeless, or at least that's what her father believes. With her lack of confidence Catherine becomes easy prey for fortune hunter Morris Townsend who deserts her on finding out she has been disinherited. Two years later, we see Catherine, her father dead, having matured considerably after her experiences and prepared to take revenge on Morris Townsend


Maria {the parlour maid} (Kathleen Glynn); Dr. Austin Sloper (John Cook); Mrs. Lavinia Pennyman {his sister} (Audrey Mitchell); Catherine {his daughter} (Sylvia King); Mrs. Elizabeth Almond {his sister} (Barbara Redman}; Marian Almond {his niece} (PauIette Beaver); Arthur Townsend {Marian's fiancé} (Peter Adams); Morris Townsend {Arthur’s cousin} (Royston Harford); Mrs. Montgomery {Morris' sister} (Iris Lerpiniere)


Director: Ann Murray