A Lady Mislaid - Pink String and Sealing Wax

'A Lady Mislaid'

by Kenneth Horne

April 1974


After one of two sisters has a nervous breakdown they take an isolated cottage for the summer. No sooner have they moved in when the police arrive and start digging up the garden looking for a murder victim.


Mrs Small {Daily woman} (Rose MacLachan); Jennifer {Younger sister} (Judith Laycock); Esther {Elder sister} (Kay Trenchard); Bullock {Detective} (Peter Adams); Visitor (John Cook); George {Jennifer’s fiancé} (David Walford); Young Woman (Kathy Glynn)

Director: Ann Murray


'Pink String and Sealing Wax' 

by Roland Pertwee


November 1974


The wife of a pub landlord in Victorian Brighton, who is having an affair, wants to rid herself of her abusive husband. To accomplish this she befriends a young man who works in his father's chemist shop and thus has access to poison.


Eva Strachan (Kathy Phillips); Mrs. Strachan (Lillian Cook); Albert Strachan (John Markley); Edward Strachan (David Walford); Jessie Strachan (Carolyn Clack); Emily Strachan (Claire Harding); Doctor O’Shea (Ray Barrett); Ernest O’Shea (Peter Lansdown); Pearl Bond (Kay Trenchard)

Director:  Ann  Murray