Quality Street - Make Me a Widow

'Quality Street'

by J M Barrie

April 1976


Set in England, about 1800, Quality Street is alive with elegant humor and wit. There are several maiden women in the action, some of them a bit sour and curiously officious. But the one named Phoebe, with the plain face, is a sparkling lass whose heart flutters for a bachelor by the name of Valentine, who is expected on a visit. Sadly we learn, Valentine, has come back not to propose to Miss Phoebe but to announce his enlistment in the Napoleonic wars. And Phoebe and her sister have met economic misfortune by teaching at a primary school. Rejuvenated by his return, Phoebe in a carefree moment discards her prim clothes and expression, and becomes a gay young girl, extravagant with her smiles, as well as with her dances at the military balls.

The transformation is so complete that Phoebe is mistaken for a fictitious niece. The deception increases the merriment and produces many sudden changes of the plot. Valentine discovers his love for Phoebe, and then fortunately discovers the precarious plot in time to save it from the mischievous women.


Valentine Brown (John Markley); Ensign Blades (Derek Hardwell); Lieut. Spicer (David Walford); Recruiting Sergeant (Ray Barrett); A Waterloo Veteran (John Cook); Master Arthur Wellesley Thomson (Julia Hall); Miss Susan Throssel (Judith Laycock); Miss Willoughby (Joy Davis); Miss Fanny Willoughby (Carolyn Clack); Miss Henrietta Turnbull (Patricia Howarth); Miss Charlotte Parratt (Kathryn Phillips); Patty {The Maid} (Audrey Mitchell); Isabella {A Schoolgirl} (Clare Whiston); Harriet (Sue Lansdown); Miss Phoebe Throssel (Kay Trenchard); Lady Emma (Lillian Cook); Emily (Andrea Redman); William (Peter Cook);

Director: Ann Murray


'Make Me a Widow' 

by David Ellis


November 1976


Julian French an up and coming novelist is having an affair with Sara, the woman who types his scripts. She proposes that she murders his wife so that they can be together. Horrified he tells her that he is not interested. She slips a potion in his drink. Once he has drunk it he collapses unconscious. Sara takes the empty glass away with her. Next day when he wakes up the police have arrived. Sara has been found dead at her home and there is evidence that Julian was there. Vicki, Julian's wife was out all that night staying at a friend's house. She receives a tape from Sara. On the tape Sara confesses that she set up the whole thing but in fact had committed suicide. And that's where the complications begin...


Vicky French (Judith Laycock); Julian French (John Markley); Sara Lester (Hillary Cooke); Quinn (David Walford)


Producer: Ann Murray