Dark Lucy - Lucky for Some

'Dark Lucy'

by Philip King & Parnell Bradbury

April 1980


When Carol, the highly-strung ex-actress wife of the Vicar, complains hysterically that she has been assaulted by 'Dark Lucy' - an unpleasant old village woman who lives in a dirty broken down cottage - the doctor is inclined to put it down to hallucinations and she is believed by nobody. But when another young girl disappears Carol decides to investigate what goes on in the old cottage. What she discovers exceeds her wildest nightmares.


Revd Gavin Clevedon (David Walford); Carol Clevedon (Sue Lansdown); Dr Thomas Vann (John Cook); Mrs Wilson (Audrey Mitchell); Lucy Manning (Liz Spurgeon); Edward Hastings (John Markley); Grace Roberts (Lillian Cook)

Producer: Bernard Woolf


'Lucky for Some' 

by John Dole


December 1980


Christopher takes his wife Mary on holiday to celebrate their first wedding anniversary, only to find the venue has until recently been an army camp with not many upgrades! His wife has also invited her parents along as a surprise for him. However a meeting on their arrival with Bubbles Laverne an exotic dancer of Christopher's acquaintance sends Mary running next door to her mother. Fellow guest Ernie Higgins knows the chalets of old as he worked in the NAAFI at a time when the funds went missing!


Mrs Curtain (Audrey Mitchell); Horace Sproggs (Mike Dean); Mary Clifford (Julia Hall); Christopher Clifford (Derek Hardwell); Mrs Lott (Lillian Cook); Tom Lott (John Cook); Bubbles Laverne (Clare Whiston); Ernie Higgins (Tim Spurgeon); Miss Bounce (Gwyneth Dean)

Producer: Kay Trenchard