From Here to the Library - Old Time Music Hall - The Late Mrs Early

'From Here to the Library'

by Jimmie Chinn

February 1992


Beryl Tidy, whose life is dominated by her elderly, irascible and demanding father, works at the library and finds that it is her only escape. She has a new boss at the library, Mr Gostilow, who has just moved to the North from London. When Beryl storms out of work after an uncharacteristic fit of temper and fails to return, Gostilow visits her to find out why.

Despite the idiosyncratic and often hilarious comments from Beryl's father, Gostilow succeeds in showing her that she needs and is needed by the world outside. This is a touching and gently humorous portrait of a woman's life.


Beryl Tidy (June Berrie); Mr Gostilow (John Mills); Dad (David Walford)


Director: Mark Gregory


'Old Time Music Hall'


February 1992


Pianist – Ann Hopkins

Chairman for the Evening – John Markley

Stage Manager - John Gregory

Directed By – Kathy Dowson

An evening of Old Time Music Hall with songs, skits and a variety of other entertainment.


'The Late Mrs Early'

by Norman Robbins

November 1992


Terry Early's announcement that he and Susan Rickworth intend to marry rouses the fury of the formidable Alice, Terry's mother, on account of a previous relationship between her and Reuben Rickworth, Susan's father.  Sam Early is caught in th middle of this and his peace of mind - as that of his crony Joe - is shattered.  Alice's sudden demise, following her handling of a faulty electric kettle lent her by the inquisitive neighbour, Mabel, promises a peaceful solution.  But Alice as a vengeful ghost is even more formidable than as a live wife and mother.  Much drama ensues in which both families - and Mabel- are involved, before Alice's ashes can be persuaded to lie quiet in her urn until Sam is ready to join her.


Terry Early (Mark Jenkins); Susan Rickworth (Jill Gregory); Mabel Sutton (Mary Mason); Sam Early (David Walford); Alice Early (Kit Johnson); Joe Gittings (Jim McLaughlin); Reuben Rickworth (Mark Gregory); Lucy Rickworth (June Berrie)

Director: Paulette Viney