Variety Revue - Party Piece - Bazaar & Rummage

An evening of varied entertainment, including special guests "The Steps School of Dance" and the "Short of Brass" Ensemble.


'Variety Revue'

February 1995


Dave Walford; Graham Bradshaw; Jill Lawford; Kay Trenchard; Gill Lewisohn; Kit Johnson; Joe Lintern; Rebecca Walford; Mathew Dickens; Dave Walford; Jim Mclaughlin; Johann Hemmings; Vanessa Brett; Hannah Johnson; Donna Knight; John Mills; Sheila Cox; Simon Johnson; David Bishop; Lucy Heard; Jill Gregory

Pianist: Ann Hopkins

Directors: John Mills & Graham Bradshaw

'Party Piece'

by Richard Harris

April 1995


It is the night of Michael's and Roma's fancy dress house-warming party. The evening looks set to be a lively one until a string of hilarious disasters strike, including a distinct lack of guests, a burning garden shed, a marauding Zimmer frame and the prospect of an irate husband on the prowl.



Michael Smethurst (Jim Mclaughlin); Roma Smethurst (Kit Johnson); Mrs Hinson (Sheila Cox); David Hinson (David Walford); Jennifer Hinson (Jill Lawford); Toby Hancock (John Mills); Barbara Jackson (Mary Mason); Sandy Lloyd-Meredith (Jill Gregory)

Director: David Walford (with Graham Bradshaw)


'Bazaar & Rummage'

by Sue Townsend

November 1995


Gwenda, an ex-agoraphobic, leads a self-help group of three who have been unable to leave their homes for a variety of reasons. She forces them to help at a local bazaar, enlisting the support of Fliss, a trainee social-worker. While sorting through the rummage their individual fears erupt but calm is restored by the ever-sensible Fliss. As they leave the hall it is apparent their agoraphobia is not cured but they have made the effort.


Gwenda (Kit Johnson); Fliss (Lucy Heard); Katrina (Jill Lawford); Bell-Bell (Gill Lewisohn); Margaret (June Berrie); Police Woman (Greta Staples);


Director: Graham Bradshaw