'Mixed Doubles' 

'An entertainment on marriage'

Contributing  writers: Alan Ayckbourn, Alun Owen, David Campton, Fay Weldon, George Melly, Harold Pinter, James Saunders and John Bowen


June 2008


A series of short plays for two people, based on the theme of marriage, that show pathos, humour, infidelity, disappointment and love throughout all the stages of marital bliss, or otherwise.....


Paul Dyson - The Vicar; Gordon James - David, Alice Cleaveland - Audrey; Christine Cooke - Old Woman, John Mills - Old Man; Andrew Muffett - Peter, Sarah Edwards - Helen; Gill Lewisohn - The Woman, John Mills - The Man; Andrew Muffett - Husband, Kit Muffett - Wife; Hannah Johnson - Jackie,  Daniel Johnson - Pete; Christine Hagger - Wife, Paul Dyson - Husband.


Director: Kit Muffett and Gordon James


'Blue Remembered Hills' 

by Dennis Potter


November 2008


Easy going Willie tags along as burly Peter bullies gentle, stuttering Raymond. John stands up to Peter as plain Audrey takes out her frustrations on the boys at being overshadowed by Angela's prettiness. They all gang up on poor “Donald Duck" who, as an outcast of friends and family sees his own little game go horribly wrong. Blue Remembered Hills features moments to make you laugh and cry to bring out the child in all of us.


Willie (John Mills), Peter (Sarah Edwards), Raymond (Alice Cleaveland), John (Gordon James), Donald (Kit Muffett), Audrey (Christine Cooke), Angela (Gill Lewisohn)


Director: Andrew Muffett

One Act Festival Entry


'The Spectrum Six'

by TJ O'Ruairc




February 2008

The colours of the rainbow have been summoned to court to give account of their positive work in the Human World. If they cannot they face death by bleaching.


Grey (Gordon James), White (Gill Lewisohn), Black (Paul Dyson), Red (Lisa Stapleton), Orange (Kevin Kirwan), Blue (Huw Williams), Green (Christine Cook), Purple (Alice Cleveland), Yellow (John Mills), Brown (Sarah Edwards)

Director: Kit Muffett