'Brief Encounter' 

 by Noel Coward adapted by Emma Rice


June 2016


When Laura Jesson and Dr. Alec Harvey meet by chance at a railway station, little do they know the impact this innocent encounter will have on their lives. Meeting every Thursday and hiding their trysts from family and friends, they come to realise that they are truly in love and now they must deal with the torment of the knowledge that any fututre for them is impossible


Laura Jesson (Natalie Brown), Dr Alec Harvey (Steve Coles), Fred Jesson (Simon Crutchley), Beryl Waters (Kathryn Trickey), Myrtle Bagot (Lisa Stapleton), Stanley (Martin Whittaker), Albert Godby (Vee Sharma), Soldier 1 - Bill (Martin Whittaker), Soldier 2 - Johnnie (Simon Crutchley), Mary (Sarah Edwards), Hermione (Joline Dunn), Dr Stephen Lynn (Simon Crutchley), Dolly Messiter (Kit Muffett), Margaret Jesson (Hannah Johnson), Bobbie Jesson (Andrew Muffett).


​Director: Daniel Johnson


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