'The 39 Steps' 

by John Buchan - Adapted by Patrick Barlow

From an original concept by Simon Corble and Nobby Dimon

27th - 29th June 2019


This version of “The 39 Steps”, based on John Buchan’s novel and Alfred Hitchcock’s iconic movie, follows the fortunes of Richard Hannay - an all-action hero with stiff upper lip and a miraculous knack for getting out of sticky situations.

Cast montage
The 39 Steps
"I was bored, with life frankly"
A tight spot
"Alt  Na Schellach!"
"Bring them back when they're full!"
"Someone's having pudding too!"
"He jumped from the Forth Bridge"
Crofters Cottage
"North by North-west, over"
"I'm sorry old man"
Bring on the Dancing Girls
"Come with us, Sir"
"The man knows the way"
A certain stile?
Curtain call

This tongue-in-cheek adaptation - complete with murders, shootings, train chases, plane crashes, trilbied heavies, and villains with little fingers missing - makes for a fast paced and thrilling adventure.


Richard Hannay (Simon Crutchley); Show Girl/Pamela/Dancer (Hannah Johnson); Show Girl/Salesman 2/Margaret/Dancer/Sheriff (Vikie Meachin); Anabella/Policeman/Dancer/Inspector/Allbright (Natalie Brown); Compere/Pilot 2/Ms McGarrigle (Sarah Edwards); Mr Memory/Spy 2/Salesman 1/Clown/Dancer/Heavy 1 (Kevin Kirwan); Spy 3/Crofter/Professor/Heavy 2 (Matthew Deering); Milkman/Mrs Jordan/Ms McGarrigle (Doreen Taylor); Radio Announcer/Dancer/Dunwoody (Rachel Belton); Pilot 1/McQuarrie (Stephen Coles); Mrs Higgins (Janet Brown); Spy 1 (Andy Meachin)


Director: Kit Muffett

Natalie Brown was nominated in the Rosebowl Awards for her role as Annabella Schmidt

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