Too Long an Autumn - Fools Rush In - An Inspector Calls

'Too Long an Autumn' 

 by Jimmie Chinn


February 1990


Long Autumn, appropriately named, is a retirement home for theatricals in the autumn of their lives, where euphemism reigns supreme, together with a firm belief that elderly equals senile. Into their midst is flung Maisie May, a former music-hall star, too much of a burden for her strait-laced son and daughter-in-law, who do not find Maisie amusing. Initially the ever-cheerful, irrepressible Maisie copes with the rigours of Long Autumn in her own inimitable style, but she becomes increasingly depressed. Then one day a breezy impresario, Chris, arrives with big plans for Maisie...


Maisie May (Audrey Mitchell); Arnold Windrush (Mark Jenkins); Ursula Windrush (Sheila Wills); Miss Tate (Jill Lawford); Dad (John Miills); Dora Coxhall (Julie Berrie); Chris (Dave Walford)

Producer: Mark Gregory

This play was entered into several of the local festivals and came away with prizes including Best Direction and Best Actress at Redditch.

The adjudication for this show, as well as those for many others, is available in the members’ section of the site


'Fools Rush In'

by Kenneth Horne

April 1990


On her wedding morning Pam is so appalled at the gravity of the promises she must make that she refuses to be married to Joe. Her doubts increase on meeting her father, Paul, long divorced from her mother. Pam was taught to think him an abandoned bounder, but finds him so charming she is convinced that if his marriage disintegrated, then hers is bound to fail. Paul intervenes and incites Joe to elope with Pam whilst he himself enjoys a reconciliation with his wife.


Ros {Bridesmaid} (Hayley Reeson); Mrs Coot {Daily Woman} (Audrey Mitchell); Mrs Mandrake {Housekeeper} (Mary Mason); Angela {Pam's Mother} (Annette Lewis); Pam {Bride} (Jill Bishop); Charles {Angela’s Fiance} (John Mills); Paul {Uninvited Guest} (Peter Cook); Joe {Bridegroom} (Mark Gregory)


Director:       Kathy Dowson


'An Inspector Calls' 

 by J.B. Priestley

November 1990


Priestley's classic play of the believable middle-class Yorkshire family called to account for its moral crimes by the enigmatic Inspector Goole stands as a metaphor for our own failure to accept our responsibility to others


Arthur Birling (John Mills); Gerald Croft (Jim Mclaughlin); Sheila Birling (Jill Lawford); Sybil Birling (Kay Trenchard); Edna (Vanessa Brett); Eric Birling (Mark Jenkins); Inspector Goole (Dave Walford)

Producer: John Markley