Mask of Hiroshima - Seven Deadly Sins - Comedy Supper

'The Mask of Hiroshima' 

by Ernest Ferlita


February 2005


Set seven years after the bombing, the play has to do with a couple who are expecting a baby. Shinji and Hisa Ishikawa both still wear the mask that the atomic bomb molded to body and soul. The effects of radiation threaten Hisa's life, and her father urges an abortion. Why risk losing her, he asks his son-in-law, for a child who may not live? In a dreamlike climax, Hisa loses her life, but the child lives.


Shinji Ishikawa (Dave Fardon); Hisa Ishikawa (Lisa Stapleton); Okuma (Neville Lewisohn); A Doctor (Alice Cleveland); A Boy (Nick Moxham); Chorus (Jill Lawford), (Sarah Edwards), (Christine Cooke), (Gayle Cairnes), (Kevin Kirwan), (Huw Williams), (John Mills)?

Director: Kit Muffett

Poem of the sins - PRIDE (Christine Cooke); AVARICE (Gayle Cairns); ENVY (Kevin Kirwan); SLOTH (Alice Cleaveland); WRATH (Kathryn Burrows); GLUTTONY (Gordon James); LUST (Clare Taylor &; John Mills)

Young Love #1 (Lisa Stapleton and Dave Fardon) ;  Early Blight- Mother (Christine Cooke); Daughter (Helen Whitson); Sick Note (Gordon James); Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend (Clare Taylor); Three conversations - #1 (Alice Cleaveland & John Mills); #2 (Gordon James & Huw Williams); #3 (Gayle Cairns); Young Love #2 (Lisa Stapleton and Dave Fardon); Two (Kit Johnson & Kevin Kirwan)

"Yeah!" - Oldland Youth  - Laura Atkinson; Charlotte Beaver; Katy Collins; Kelly Hickson; Emma James; Hannah Johnson; Laura Newman; Emma Patterson; Leah Pepworth

An evening of sinful delights

'The Seven Deadly Sins' 

A Review


June 2005


Chorus of Disapproval - HANNAH (Sarah Edwards); GUY (Dave Fardon); FAY (Lisa Stapleton); Madeira (Gordon James & John Mills)

Shoppers! - Rosemary (Sarah Edwards); Angela (Gayle Cairns) -; Sloth (Gordon James); Ashes to Ashes (Huw Williams)

Rude Mechanicals - From A Midsummer Night’s Dream - THESEUS (John Mills); HIPPOLYTA (Helen Whitson); LYSANDER (Kevin Kirwan); DEMETRIUS (Dave Fardon); COURTIERS (Gill Lewisohn; Jill Lawford; Sue James); PHILOSTRATH (Charlotte Beaver); QUINCE {Prologue} (Leah Pepworth); SNOUT {Wall} - Kelly Hickson); BOTTOM {Pyramus} (Emma James); FLUTE {Thisbe} (Emma Patterson); STABVELINO (Moonshine) (Laura Newman); SNUG {Lion} (Laura Atkinson); PUCK (Katy Collins & Hannah Johnson)

It should have been me (Christine Cooke)

Cell Block Tango – From the musical Chicago - DANCERS (Clare Taylor), (Gayle cairns);(Kit Johnson), (Alice Cleaveland), (Lisa Stapleton), (Hannah Johnson) & (Kathryn Burrows.); HUSBANDS – (Dave Fardon), (John Mills), (Kevin Kirwan), (Huw Williams), (Daniel Johnson) & (Gordon James); JAILERS (Helen Whitson), (Christine Cooke) & (Sarah Edwards)


Comedy Supper

A comedy supper evening was held in November at which two One-act plays were presented.

'The Last Bread Pudding' 

Nick Warburton


November 2005


A well-known and well-loved short one act comedy which centres around a committee meeting of a local amateur drama group and their decision making on which play to do next - much like the Oldland Players.


Ken (Dave Fardon); Denise (Lisa Stapleton); Fleur (Alice Cleveland); Jon (Kathryn Burrows); Phylis (Jill Lawford); Jock (Gordon James); Tromp (John Mills)

Director: Helen Whitson

'Who's Who' 

David Culley & Mike Fryer


November 2005


Father Gerald (Kevin Kirwan); Susan Edwards ( Kit Johnson); Mark Edwards ( John Mills); Mrs Djurkovic (Christine Cooke); George Osborne (Huw Williams); Mary Osborne (Gayle Caines); Ms Blake (Clare Taylor); Ralph (Ralph Tilton)

Director: Sarah Edwards